POPIA is in the Air! – Compliance made easy

By this time, each one of you are probably fed up with POPI compliance, however it is something that will become a constant reminder. The importance of POPI compliance cannot be understated.

In short, POPI is all about how we collect and manage information we gather from clients (i.e., their Personal Information). Meaning that if we receive a copy of a client’s ID document, how do we process that information? Why do we need it? How is it protected? Where do we store it? How do we delete it?

We called in our POPI Expert, Matthew Schoonraad, to give us the “411” on POPI.

We answer the most frequently asked questions South African entrepreneurs have on POPI:
1. Do I really need this?

If you “gather” any data from clients during the course of your business, then you have to comply with POPI. In short you must make sure the way you gather, store, manage and delete the information from your clients is legal.

2. What do I need to know about POPI? 

 POPI compliance will help you meet the principles and lawful processing conditions of POPI which is

  1. Accountability
  2. Processing limitation
  3. Purpose specification
  4. Further processing limitation
  5. Information quality
  6. Openness
  7. Security
  8. Data subject participation

And lastly, failing to comply can cost you up to R10million in fines and/or some jail time.

3. How can I put my clients at ease with regards to the protection of their data? 

Have a seasoned professional review and audit your company policies and procedures and give you a clean bill of health. We do this by providing you with a Certificate of Compliance undersigned by our Expert.

Some Practical POPI tips?

  1. Don’t give clients your personal details;
  2. Triple check before you upload / send docs to a client;
  3. Don’t take selfies in the office;
  4. Use your work phone / laptop only for work purposes;
  5. Keep your anti-virus up to date;
  6. Don’t give out fellow staff members personal details to third parties;
  7. Arrange frequent POPI training sessions;
  8. Don’t leave customer documents laying around – store it somewhere safe!

So there you have it, it’s best to leave your POPI compliance to a professional. No need for long study sessions! That way you can get back to conquering the world with your entrepreneurial skills. Matthew is a seasoned legal professional and an admitted attorney who specialises in the Protection of Personal Information Act and making the process simple! No fancy legal talk, just compliance made easy.

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