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Standard LabourExcel Disciplinary Code and Procedures (LEC1001)


Standard LabourExcel Disciplinary Code and Procedures Handbook. Great starting point for small to medium enterprises/employers.

Employers in South Africa are required to implement company policies and procedures which will serve as a guide when addressing workplace matters such as discipline, grievances etc. Although we will always advocate for company specific policies and procedures, a great starting point for any SME is our standard LabourExcel Disciplinary code and Procedures Handbook.


Included in our handbook is the following:

  • Section A – Disciplinary Code and Procedure
  • Section B  – Schedule of offenses and disciplinary actions or so called Code of Conduct
  • Section C – 18 Forms for every day use such as Disciplinary Warning Form, Notice to Attend a Disciplinary Enquiry, Resignation by Employee and Leave Application to name a few.
  • Section D – Grievance Procedure


  • Fair Labour Law practice are not only dependent on using correct documentation but also the manner in which an Employer use such documentation. Every situation is different and therefore legal advice should always be obtained prior to taking action.
  • Templates and documents purchased on our website remain the IP of LabourExcel and any unlawful distribution of such will result in liability to the unlawful distributor of such.



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